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A Noob’s Guide to Backpacking

Many of us wish to travel first class, stay in the fanciest hotels and traverse the lushest greeneries and mountains in style.

However, some enjoy the grittier, the less refined and more adventurous side of things.

If anything, backpackers have taught us how to appreciate traveling in a whole new way. So if you’re considering becoming one, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

Condition yourself

Backpacking isn’t always about staying in shared dormitories and counting on big breakfast buffets. It’s also about mentally, physically and emotionally preparing yourself to go across mountains, walk various heights and go through the strain without seeing a proper bathroom or sleeping in a comfortable bed for days.

Learn from others

Asking is a good way to start your adventure. Learn more from the backpackers who have been doing this for years. Be guided by them so you can avoid making mistakes and make the most of your journey. There are a lot of ways you can do this. If you know anyone personally, go ahead and ask. There are also online forums, videos and blogs you can check out.

Go on mini adventures

How you will enjoy your time backpacking depends greatly on how prepared you are. One of the best ways to condition yourself is to test yourself gradually. Go on mini escapades. Check out the easy hikes within your area. Try camping in your backyard. Anything that will give you a better sense on what you’re in for, do it.

Plan carefully

Planning is key to a safe and enjoyable backpacking trip. Never, ever dive headfirst without knowing what you have to do, the paths you’re going to take, which areas you shouldn’t pass and the like.



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