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5 Rookie Mistakes Backpackers Make

Backpacking is our purest joy.

Exploring the unknown, cooking in the wild, sipping water from the cleanest streams — it’s unlike anything else in this world.

However, it can easily backfire if you’re packing like a rookie. So make sure you don’t commit the following mistakes.

Packing too much

This is surprisingly common even among the most seasoned backpackers we know. Packing too much may not feel like a lot at first but it will eventually weigh you down. Bring only what is essential. For each item you put in there, ask yourself: Do you really need it?

Wearing the wrong shoes

It won’t be an enjoyable trip if you’re walking in pain. If you have feet that are naturally clammy and soft, you’re more prone to blisters. So be sure you’re wearing the best pair of trail running shoes you can buy.

Ignoring the weather

It’s all fun and games until the storm comes and you’re unprepared. Serious consequences could come out of this. That’s why you have to double check the weather a few weeks and days ahead of your trip. Who would want to be stuck in the middle of thunderous conditions, right?

Dodging the map

We all live dangerously through our gadgets. However, there are always signal blind spots. You can never rely fully on Google Maps to get you from point A to point B. So make sure you still bring an actual map, and pack on some navigation skills.

Bringing untested gear

It is absolutely essential to bring only the gear you’re most comfortable with. From your headlamp to your camping grill and stove fuel, be sure you’ve tested them all. Otherwise, it’s got disaster written all over it.


Image source: cleverhiker.com

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