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4 Things You’ll Know Once You’ve Been in Australia Long Enough

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

It offers just about everything and anything. However, it’s not always cheap. If you’ve been there long enough, you’ll quickly realize it does burn quite deep in the pocket. Still, we love every bit of the Down Under as much as we love our goon.


Speaking of goon, here are things you’ll know once you’ve been Australia long enough.

  1. Botanical gardens are everywhere

We’re not kidding when we say there are more than enough botanical gardens in the country to supply the planet. From Sydney to Brisbane, we’re betting your Camera Roll will be filled with garden photos sooner or later. But hey, Australia is big. They have to fill up that much space with something, right?

  1. Getting from point A to point B takes forever

Looking at the country’s map, you’d think it’s easy to get from one place to the next. However, looks can be deceiving. In this case, it takes bloody ages to travel across the country. For starters, Melbourne and Sydney aren’t that close to each other.

  1. ‘Expensive’ makes sense once you start working

Should you decide to work in Australia, you’ll realize that it does pay well. Sure, it’s $3 for a piece of a milky bar but a decent job does pay bigger bucks compared to other countries.

  1. You’re no stranger to fruit picking

It can be a bit challenging to find a good and stable job if you’re backpacking Australia. That’s why fruit picking is ideal for just about every budget traveler who wants to earn a few extra while in the country.

Image source: cosmopolitan.co.uk

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